How to Order

How to Order Valcambi Gold Bar

Create an account


Application form

Accepting our GSTs constitutes a contractual link and a formal engagement between the investor and (owned by PRISTINE REGAL JEWELERS LTD).


Account validation

We then verify the forwarded information. For that purpose, we will ask you to send us the following documents:

  • Copy of your passport
  • Proof of address (i.e. utility bills)

Your account will be validated upon receipt of the documents.

place your first order


Create a shopping cart

Using the "cart" tab, select the products you wish to order and the service of your choice. Verify your order and click on “Proceed to checkout”.

We will then reserve a market price for five minutes, after which the amount will be updated according to the latest market price. 

Confirm your order

In order to confirm your order, provide your credit card number, click on “I accept the terms and conditions”, and then click on “Place my order”. 

An imprint of your credit card is required to finalize your order, but your card will not be charged. It will be charged only if you cancel your order.

Wire transfer

Within a minutes you will receive a confirmation message with payment instructions together with your invoice.

Proceed with the wire transfer from your online banking or directly from your banking agency and send us a bank transfer confirmation within two business days.

For orders greater than or equal to $60,000 or containing a 1000 ounces silver bar:

  • Add the products to your cart
  • Check the "Storage" service, then select the vault of your choice
  • Click on "Ask for quote"

Our team will send you a quote as soon as possible, as well as additional information to validate your order.

Order processing


Payment Confirmation

Upon receipt of payment a notification will be sent to your e-mail address and your order will be processed by our team, who will organize the delivery of the precious metals to the secured vaults in Zurich, New York, Toronto, Singapore or to the designated address.


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