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Pristine Regal Jeweler, One of the leading Swiss online diamond and jewelry retailer
Founded in 1986 in Lausanne by a passionate gemologist, Pristine Regal Jeweler has become the leading Swiss website for jewelry and diamonds, offering complete price transparency as well as ethical and social values.
The traceability of our diamonds, in addition to the quality of their GIA certificates, are of crucial importance to us. In the field of online jewelry, Pristine Regal Jeweler sets itself apart from the competition thanks to its modern and truly daring vision: to create the finest jewelry with a 30 to 50% discount on the best market price and make it available to all. Embodying the true expression of love and tenderness, a jewel is with you throughout all of life’s special moments: marriage, Christmas, mother’s day, father’s day, birthdays and all those surprises.

We strongly believe in the natural beauty of jewelry, that’s why we only provide the purest and highest quality silver and gold chains that are precious by nature. New lines are added frequently throughout the year to bring you greater variety and choice. Fast turnaround, competitive prices and no minimal order quantity ensure you an easy and efficient buying experience.
Expressing romance and appreciation through bridal jewelry and gift giving is very important to our customers, as is self-reward. Pristine Regal Jewelers believes customers associate our brands with high quality jewelry and an outstanding customer experience. Pristine Regal Jewelers increases the attraction of Pristine Regal Jewelers store brands to customers through the use of branded differentiated and exclusive merchandise, while offering a compelling value proposition in more basic ranges. In all aspects of our business, Pristine Regal Jewelers follows the operating principles of excellence in execution, testing before investing, continuous improvement, and disciplined investment.
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