Custom Design Services

At Pristine Regal Jewelers we'll help you find, or make, the one ideal piece
of jewelry that expresses exactly how you feel.

    With a Custom Design Studio located in every Pristine Regal Jewelers store, our Certified Diamontologists and Master Craftsmen are ready to help you create a truly one-of -a-kind piece of jewelry.

   To make sure we deliver exactly what you have in mind, our custom design process requires your complete satisfaction every step of the way - from the sketch of your initial design to your perfectly crafted and finished piece.

   From the engagement ring of her dreams to just about anything else you're dreaming of, we can assure you that your final piece will be something completely original. Completely unique. Completely her. (Or you.)

  Step 1: Ideas & Design

   Anything you can imagine we can help you bring to life. Beginning with your idea, our in-store personal jewelry designer will sit down with you to develop your ideal ring - outlining the silhouette and illustrating fine details.

   Your ideal piece could be as simple as a uniquely expressed personal engraving. It could be the restoration or reimagining of a beloved family heirloom. It could even include turning a sketch from your wildest imagination into an exquisite reality.

  Step 2: Wax Model & Approval

    Once you meet with our in-store personal jewelry designer and agree on a design together, our experts will create an exact wax model replica for you to examine and give your final approval.

  Step 3: Cast

   As soon as you approve the wax model replica, our Master Craftsmen cast your ring in the metal of your choice. White gold is a favorite in the fashion world for its modern, silvery sheen. Yellow gold jewelry has always maintained a central place in jewelry design. Elegant yet flirty, old-world yet fashion-forward, rose gold adds a warm, romantic luster to any look.


  Step 4: Set

    After your custom piece of jewelry is cast, our expert jewelers set your choice of diamonds or gemstones.


  Step 5: The Finished Product

    The jewelry is polished and finished by hand and presented to you. On average, it takes about three weeks from approving the model to holding your unique design in your hands.

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