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The Best Engagement Rings for Every Style

The Best Engagement Rings for Every Style

Choosing the best engagement ring comes down to selecting a brilliant diamond along with a setting that matches your personal style

Designing and deciding on the perfect engagement ring is an exciting, yet sometimes daunting process. From the diamond’s shape to its carat weight to the setting you choose, there are many aspects to consider.

Engagement Ring Styles and Settings

The style of your engagement ring largely depends on the type of setting you select.

Solitaire settings are ring designs with a singular diamond or stone in the center. The solitaire is a classic engagement ring that’s been around for years. It complements wearers who have a more simple or crisp personal style.

Bezel: This popular engagement ring setting offers a modern look without sacrificing on function. In a bezel setting, the diamond is held securely with metal that encircles the center stone—rather than it being held by prongs.

A channel set is similar to a pavé setting but uses thicker metal to secure the smaller diamonds along the ring’s band. Because there are no prongs holding the stones, this setting is a solid snag-free design. Channel settings may or may not have center stones.

Three stone: Indicated by its name, three diamonds or gemstones are set closely together in this type of setting. The stones may be the same size or the center stone may be the largest one. Popular Diamond Shapes for the three-stone setting include the Princess Cut and the Round Brilliant Cut.

Tension: The tension setting uses pressure from the metal band to secure the diamond. The diamond appears suspended between the two ends of the ring.

Vintage: A range of vintage settings mirror the styles of the Edwardian, Victorian and Art Deco time periods. These settings tend to feature detailed work and are quite intricate in nature.

Halo: In a concentric circle or square shape, smaller diamonds surround the center stone in a halo setting. The center stone can appear larger in these settings, offering a way to save on diamond budget.

Pavé: Settings with several small diamonds embedded around the band are considered pavé. Some pavé settings consist of only small diamonds, while others have larger center stones as well.

Cluster: In a cluster setting, smaller diamonds are placed tightly together to appear as a larger diamond. Clusters may contain a large center stone or only smaller stones.

Cathedral: An elegant setting, a cathedral design is meant to resemble the arches of a cathedral. The diamond is mounted with arches above the shank.

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